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  • Residency: two weeks in Cromarty
    I left Tain early, I wanted to get to Cromarty a day before my art residency was kicking off. Drove in my red California VW, listening to the podcast The Daily “Inside the U.F.O. report” as I arrived to Black Isle. And there they stand. Six monstrous structures, I do not know what they are! […]
  • Exploring the Michelin Guide through Scotland & England!
    I am cruising around UK with my van to discover not only breathtaking landscapes but flavors – to hopefully fall in love with the often underestimated UK cuisine! Most of us are familiar with the Michelin Star, a very desired award by cooks and culinary geniuses. You might also have heard about the Michelin Guide […]
  • Research time!
    As many things in life, finding a good product is a numbers game. Research is important! You need to feel confident with the argot and become an expert. After that, go online and let the search start. You can find some links to websites at the end of this blog. Don’t waste your time! I […]
  • Choosing our new home: VW California it is!
    To look for a home on wheels when you have never had car – is very difficult! You need to learn so many things about engines, car brands, models and all sorts of little details. Nonetheless it is not an imposible task! I am going to share with you how I made my decision! Big […]
  • Mental health Post COVID19 : post-traumatic stress disorder CHAPTER 2 | Institutional support. The start to social recovery.
    Prepare for what is to come | The government must help everyone. Through the UK’s healthcare system, there are programmes to support mental wellbeing, but is this enough to support every individual during the COVID19 pandemic? Does everyone know and understand the support they have access to? Mental health support should be accessible to all […]
  • Mental health Post COVID19 : post-traumatic stress disorder CHAPTER 1 | We are grieving globally and rediscovering our creative identity
    Mental health is a hot topic for companies and employees. The World Health Organisation considers stress an epidemic and often the first cause for mental health problems – the connection is clear. We now have a pandemic on top of it, COVID19 is here. Two for one. How can we get ready for what will […]
  • Help others, help yourself
    Last week I travelled to Calais with my mother to spend a couple of days volunteering at help refugees. I was not sure if I wanted to share my experience on LinkedIn at first, the line between personal and professional is nowadays too blur. However, I got so many people asking me on Facebook and […]

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