“Go For Goal”…designing the set

L1120497We are already in july and the school year is finishing. Therefore many schools have activities to celebrate the final weeks with the students and their families: all kind of shows, plays and creative expressions take place now in schools. #ClangDesign has been part of a very special one: Michael Faraday Primary School’s Play.


The building itself is worth a visit! What a beautiful shape! The colours and shapes mixed with the amazing handcrafts the kids have been doing the year through: each class-room looks brighter, funnier and more alive than the other. Robots, trees, portraits, flags…. a delightful overload of colours.


This year Michael Faraday Primary School has been working on the “Go For Goal” Junior Script by Gawen Robinson. The script talks about the World Cup and generates a one-hour play, which pushes the audience back- and forward in time. The play starts with energetic drums and Brazilian instruments to welcome the audience: “We are in Rio now”. And for next one hour the rhythm and music makes you feel like in a “sambadrome” if it wasn’t for the perfect british accent that makes you realise you are sitting in a school in Elephant and Castle. Some flashbacks bring history and anecdotes to the action, which also gives value to family and the relationship between grandfathers and grandsons, as well as between brothers, sisters and people no matter where they come from. England and Brazil come together through the two main characters: a Brazilian boy and an English girl. Both want to play for their teams in the future, always under the slogan “follow your dreams” they dance, sing and laugh for us. The Maracaná stadium in Rio de Janeiro is  the main scenario where all those diverse characters come together to teach the most powerful and essential lesson we can learn: if we work together as a team, we can achieve new aims more easily. Putting together our skills we can change our world into a better place.



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Building a City


This project is absolutely incredible. It’s about London, its architecture and how kids see the buildings around them. It ‘s actually a workshop that makes kids become interested in art and architecture, in building and imagining. The Hotel Elephant Gallery in Elephant and Castle hosted this impressive workshop with the artist Reuben Powell. The input and passion coming from both, the gallery and the artist was inspiring.


We have been helping for 2 weeks, delivering with other young artists the workshops and helping schools from the area to build a city out of cardboard. The process was very inspiring, working for various sessions with the same kids and having time to teach them and learn from them. Creating and making those 1 meter tall construction from scratch was sometimes a challenge, but we had fun. And that is what this activity was about: enjoying and creating using our skills and transferring them to Art.


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Immense Phyllida Barlow

Phyllida Barlow’s mega-sculpture-installation makes the trip to visit the Tate Britain even more obligatory. When you step in you suddenly need to stay still and look around. As a spectator it’s the same natural reaction when getting inside of a cathedral: stand, look and breath.


‘I hope to arouse curiosity about sculpture,’ Phyllida Barlow


After the first strong image, I felt curious to walk through space to look into closer detail and to discover some kind of hidden minimal aspect behind this immense sculpture that invades space. Shape, colour and texture make the walk through the columns a delightful dance. You feel small and at the same time, you have an intimate moment like you where sneaking behind the scenes of a theatre.

Obviously the sculpture becomes part of the architecture as it uses space. You can see Barlow’s essence, the fullness of her ideas and the passion that drives her to create a so fantastic and embracing piece.The use of colour and texture, putting the objects and shapes in space, generating a 360 degrees installation that will surprise the audience.



“It is more to raise an issue about what sculpture is for me, and I hope that might communicate itself to an audience. It’s a strange medium in that it takes up space, it takes up our space. It brings things into the world, and there is already too much stuff in the world. So it’s kind of absurd, and its absurdity is what I find fascinating. So perhaps it will mean that people will have to walk around it. I hope that will arouse curiosity about sculpture, about what it is and why it is what it is.”


IMG_8161  IMG_8171 IMG_8173http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-britain/exhibition/tate-britain-commission-2014-phyllida-barlow

Artist Studio

Some artists studios drawn by one of our #clangartists! Matisse, Pollock or Höch … who’s is who’s?

IMG_7814 IMG_7815 IMG_7816  IMG_7826 copy



Fashion is invading ClangDesign!!!

We can’t deny it… #Kimye have conquered our heart! What a wedding! What a fashionable moment! What a week! We couldn’t turn the back to this absolute fashion momentum in which all headlines were concerned about Kim’s dresses. However, still we don’t know much, I guess we need to wait to see it on Kim’s Show…that is really a pity. But hey…they need to pay the wedding I guess.

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But not everything was about this famous couple, we want to publish one of our #ClangArtists illustrations. These catwalk inspired fashion illustrations will steal your heart. Mixed media, water-colours, black ink, lines and shapes…generating a magical illusion.

Your inner voice is screaming “I want that”, “I love it”…”Hell yeah!”.





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DIY Cultures 2014


Do It yourself.  Why? Because if you want you can.  That is the message at the end of a lovely day at Rich Mix in London.  One of our #clangartists have been there spending the day and finding out why DIY Cultures is as wonderful as it seems.


“We wanted to make something cooler” and I guess they achieved what pretended.  DIY is a one day pop up event, mixing comic,  zines,  talks and workshops combined with great music and cool people. 

Some of the talks were exploring the problematic of minority groups and bringing the actors from this reality on stage.  Letting them share their feelings and experiences. However having minorities on the spot light was not the main point of the day, the event itself was an impressive coming together of creative minds that shared their thoughts and creative processes. You could see plenty of different zines, illustrations, styles and ways of doing things. Postcards, buttons, illustrations, comics… Everything you could have thought of.

The workshops were all free and they went from “how to make a book” to “how to sew a niddel pocket”. Meanwhile on the same room you could enjoy small concerts creating a intimate magical moment.

If there is something sad about the event is that it just takes place once a year. We might need to wait a while to have another fantastic chance to see all the creative independents Zines from London.

BMW Tate live performance


What a week!!
One of our #clangartists joined the performance “spacial confessions” from Bojana Cvejić, Christine De Smedt, Marta Popivoda and Ana Vujanović. We are about to share with you a first person testimony about this impressive performance that took place on Thursday the 22nd of May in London.

We met at Tate modern on Monday to have our first rehearsal with the artists and choreographer. We where around 50 performers ready to learn and have fun. And how much fun we had. Our first experience in the performance room was exciting and funny doing different kind of exercises to break the ice between us. We just had met 30 minute ago, but we ended up making a pile with our bodies and lying on the floor. Most of us coming from a creative background, students, artists and dancers, we created in that space a lovely harmony enjoying the time and getting to know each other better.

The name from the performance is a great description of what was going on in the room. So Christine the choreographer asked us some questions and we had to answer moving and going to a certain place in space. The questions where always different which made each rehearsal and performance unique and different.

Great confessions we could see. No one said a word but moving in space we answered absolute intimate questions that went from personal information to political ideologies.


After having two rehearsals one on Monday and the other on Wednesday… the day arrived. On Thursday we had our live performance at Tate and the tension was there. We were all super excited and happy to be there at that time in that place, making intimate confessions live, answering questions about all kind of aspects of our live.

Before inviting all of you to see the performance, I need to say that the Tate team was GREAT! Everybody was friendly and everyhting went perfect!

And of course, it has been a pleasure to work with Christine and Bojana. Both so professional, helpful and supporting. I think all of us have learnt a lot of these three great days that will remain in our memory for a long time.

Go under this link to see the performance:



The 22nd of March 2014 we will be joining the BMW Tate live performance.  How? Very simple: following the performance online.

Bojana Cvejić, Christine De Smedt, Marta Popivoda and Ana Vujanović will be experimenting in the Performance Room looking for answers to the question of publicness.

“Working together with members of the public, the performance presents a close-up view of social choreography in an enclosed room. The emphasis is on reflecting upon the living conditions of the participants, who are invited on the terms that their current living space is smaller or equal to the size of the Performance Room – 9.5m x 5.5m.The participants engage in a choreographic activity of reorganising themselves in response to personal and political questions about private living space.”

We will be be able to enter the performing room through our computers,  it will be broadcasted at 20:00 in the UK.  The fascinating part is that exactly at the same time crossing the globe the performance will be joined in the East Coast of America, mainland Europe and Russia.