Raw Artists finally in UK

“RAW Natural born artists” is remarkable!

It’s an online platform in which artists from all over the world share their art. They are looking for talented people, natural born artists, generating an exclusive and impressive online portfolio. But this is not only about being seeing online, RAW celebrates events, generating unique experiences. The showcase jumps from our computer screens to a life performance. raw_werrt

The only occasion you will have to experience a RAW event in Europe, will be the 1rst of March in London! A chance impossible to miss. If you want to know more about the idea, their creators and how RAW became what it is today, check the video here.


International Film Festival “Moving Portraits” in Quito

The International Film Festival “Moving Portraits” has been curated by Alicia Roy and Alessandra Haro. It took place in Quito during the International Migrants Day.


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Selected artists and pieces:

ADIÓS de Carlos Espinosa – México (Video-art)
BOLPEBRA de Guilherme Marinho, João Castelo Branco y Rafael Urban – Brasil (Video-art)
CHAT DE LÁGRIMAS de Paola Michaels – Argentina (Video-art)
ESPERA de Libertad Gills – Ecuador (Documental)
EUROPA EN CONSTRUCCIÓN de Gonzalo Cordero – España – (Animation)
FLOATING ISLANDS de Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat – República Dominicana (Animation)
“L” de Thais Fujinaga – Brasil (Fiction)
LÍNEA CONFÍN de Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat – Italia (Animation)
MARCADOS de Sebas Cabero – España (Video-art)
MICHAUD: ENTRE OS CROCODILOS E AS SERPENTES de Eduardo Baggio – Brasil – (Documental)
NI PATRIA NI MARIDO – Gonzalo Escobar Mora y Carolina Gonzalez Valencia – Colombia/Estados Unidos (Video-clip)
NOVOS IMIGRANTES de Leandro Mantovani – Brasil (Documental)
OMA de Michael Wahrmann’s – Brasil (Documental)
PH UT SUT – HISTORIA DE UNA REALIDAD OBVIADA (V.O.S.) de Sarai Rua Fargues – España (Documental)
REPARE BEM de Maria de Medeiros – Brasil/Francia/Italia (Documental)
TROPO SCAPES de Sara Pathirane – Finlandia (Video-art)
VIDAS DESLOCADAS de João Marcelo Gomes – Brasil (Documental)