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BMW Tate live performance


What a week!!
One of our #clangartists joined the performance “spacial confessions” from Bojana Cvejić, Christine De Smedt, Marta Popivoda and Ana Vujanović. We are about to share with you a first person testimony about this impressive performance that took place on Thursday the 22nd of May in London.

We met at Tate modern on Monday to have our first rehearsal with the artists and choreographer. We where around 50 performers ready to learn and have fun. And how much fun we had. Our first experience in the performance room was exciting and funny doing different kind of exercises to break the ice between us. We just had met 30 minute ago, but we ended up making a pile with our bodies and lying on the floor. Most of us coming from a creative background, students, artists and dancers, we created in that space a lovely harmony enjoying the time and getting to know each other better.

The name from the performance is a great description of what was going on in the room. So Christine the choreographer asked us some questions and we had to answer moving and going to a certain place in space. The questions where always different which made each rehearsal and performance unique and different.

Great confessions we could see. No one said a word but moving in space we answered absolute intimate questions that went from personal information to political ideologies.


After having two rehearsals one on Monday and the other on Wednesday… the day arrived. On Thursday we had our live performance at Tate and the tension was there. We were all super excited and happy to be there at that time in that place, making intimate confessions live, answering questions about all kind of aspects of our live.

Before inviting all of you to see the performance, I need to say that the Tate team was GREAT! Everybody was friendly and everyhting went perfect!

And of course, it has been a pleasure to work with Christine and Bojana. Both so professional, helpful and supporting. I think all of us have learnt a lot of these three great days that will remain in our memory for a long time.

Go under this link to see the performance: