Cover Girls


We are sooo excited about the @voguemagazine #cover from #February !!! #covergirl #voguemagazine #fashion #fashionaddict #fashionillustrationoftheday #fashionillustration #illustration #drawing #windowssurface #photoshop #ClangDesign



The world is your oyster

The world is your oyster! Make sure you never forget that. Book a trip, leave your job, make a radical move in your life and embrace change without being afraid. Make it happen!!! #theworldisyouroyster #makeyourdreamscometrue #travel #discover #illustration #illustrator #windowssurface #drawing #digitalillustration

Waiting for my wolf

We are always waiting for #something…the next thing in our life, our next job, next love, next weekend… I am waiting for my #wolf #illustrator #redcap #drawing #illustration #windowsurface #digitalillustration #nextjob #nextlove #nextthing

Green Fingers

When you finally find the one … the plant that becomes your flat companion for life after some other plant failures  #Green #plant #flatcompanionship #flatcompanion #myfavouriteplant #greenfingers #ClangDesign #illustration #drawing #illustrations


Work in progress with Jorge Pozo Soriano

We all know how hard it is to find someone you can actually work with. Jorge Pozo Soriano is a talented writer, who has found some great companions through his live. Now, ClangDesign is absolutely delighted of having started this great collaboration with him.

As you may know, we love to collaborate and get involved in amazing and exiting creative journeys. And this is one of those “one in a life time trip”. We are still working hard to get where we want, but for sure, we know we have a great idea, a talented team, so it´s up to you and all the people that see our stories and comics to make this project really possible!



Life is about love. And so love is the main topic in these three stories. But as you may know from life, there are many types of love and all should be respected and enjoyed fully.  At least that is what we #clangartist think!



As a writer, Jorge is writing all day every day. Follow his blog and find out more about him and his daily adventures in London :


Alicia Roy takes this time care of the illustrations. If you are curious to find out more about her work you can see some projects here.

We will keep all of you posted with more illustrations and stories!

Find out more here



What a lovely Saturday!!! The sun shined, the weather was perfect and we had a mile long hopscotch to jump around at Mile End Road. What else could we ask for?

Much more! The #MileLongHopscotch Event was packed with cool activities from painting the road, to playing football. All kids and parents were welcome to join and be part of the fun-day playing, laughing and sharing impressions!

ClangDesign collaborated with Old School Room animating British Street. We painted a big wood board with all the kids that passed by generating the coolest wall of all times! Some of our tiny artists signed the board, others preferred to keep their names secret. But all contributed with passion and a big smile. Our final intention was to create one piece, one final object with the help and support of the community. We can say it was an incredible success, because we manage to make something together as a community!


For us, Old School Room and ClangDesign this is what this day was about. #MileLongHopscotch was an excuse to meet the community and make them know that we are here. We want to be here and will keep doing free activities for them, so we can all engage and make  our community become a FAMILY!




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