What a lovely Saturday!!! The sun shined, the weather was perfect and we had a mile long hopscotch to jump around at Mile End Road. What else could we ask for?

Much more! The #MileLongHopscotch Event was packed with cool activities from painting the road, to playing football. All kids and parents were welcome to join and be part of the fun-day playing, laughing and sharing impressions!

ClangDesign collaborated with Old School Room animating British Street. We painted a big wood board with all the kids that passed by generating the coolest wall of all times! Some of our tiny artists signed the board, others preferred to keep their names secret. But all contributed with passion and a big smile. Our final intention was to create one piece, one final object with the help and support of the community. We can say it was an incredible success, because we manage to make something together as a community!


For us, Old School Room and ClangDesign this is what this day was about. #MileLongHopscotch was an excuse to meet the community and make them know that we are here. We want to be here and will keep doing free activities for them, so we can all engage and make  our community become a FAMILY!




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Fashion is invading ClangDesign!!!

We can’t deny it… #Kimye have conquered our heart! What a wedding! What a fashionable moment! What a week! We couldn’t turn the back to this absolute fashion momentum in which all headlines were concerned about Kim’s dresses. However, still we don’t know much, I guess we need to wait to see it on Kim’s Show…that is really a pity. But hey…they need to pay the wedding I guess.

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But not everything was about this famous couple, we want to publish one of our #ClangArtists illustrations. These catwalk inspired fashion illustrations will steal your heart. Mixed media, water-colours, black ink, lines and shapes…generating a magical illusion.

Your inner voice is screaming “I want that”, “I love it”…”Hell yeah!”.





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