To look for a home on wheels when you have never had car – is very difficult! You need to learn so many things about engines, car brands, models and all sorts of little details. Nonetheless it is not an imposible task! I am going to share with you how I made my decision!

Big elephant in the van – pooh proofed?

I started my search by figuring out how that moment in the morning would be. Suddenly not having a toilet in the van became an obvious issue for me, on one hand, having a full equipped van would give me confort and an better experience. On the other hand, it ment the van was going to be bigger and more expensive.

What made it an obvious decision for me was that due to my plans – staying longer in each spot – I woudl have to park in a camping to be able to charge the battery, which equals bathroom and shower.

A van … you must be kidding, right?

Most common line I have heard in the past 6 months. Which is a fair reaction! Now let me explain why I am doing this – moving from a 5 bedroom home into a van. Besides being crazy and wanting an adventure, this life change will enable me achieve some person goals I have set to myself. I want to be mortgage free and travel at the same. Besides, due to the current health crisis I felt travelling with a plan will not be the same as it used to be before. My intention is to be 12 months almost non-stop in the van, stop and evaluate.

This past 3 years have been very complicated, many things have happened that have challenged my idea of family and made me rethink what I want in my life. This is my journey to hopefully find an answer.

Shorty needs a double roof

The reason I went for the California VW was because I want to spend a couple of long months in Scotland and – you do not need to be genius to know that, that part of the world is not famous for the sun and good weather. I expect rain which equals more time in the van. Being able to stand and not having a big van was important to me.

Second hand to stay in the budget

Part of exploring if this is the life I want is to not make a crazy investment and stay in the mortgage / credit free zone. Whilst a second hand van was not an option but a condition of this project. Second hand vans are slower but the VW Cali style is very robust in the inside, which means that even 30 year old vans will have very good interiors. And when it comes to the mechanics – my experience is when your car gets too sophisticated the repares can be very time consuming – or so I think. While being on the road, things will happen to the van, so hopefully fixing things will not be too complicated.

Once you find a couple of vans you like online, next is going to see them! I will share soon some things I have learnt from seeing vans + what the next steps are after finding the one.