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DIY Cultures 2014


Do It yourself.  Why? Because if you want you can.  That is the message at the end of a lovely day at Rich Mix in London.  One of our #clangartists have been there spending the day and finding out why DIY Cultures is as wonderful as it seems.


“We wanted to make something cooler” and I guess they achieved what pretended.  DIY is a one day pop up event, mixing comic,  zines,  talks and workshops combined with great music and cool people. 

Some of the talks were exploring the problematic of minority groups and bringing the actors from this reality on stage.  Letting them share their feelings and experiences. However having minorities on the spot light was not the main point of the day, the event itself was an impressive coming together of creative minds that shared their thoughts and creative processes. You could see plenty of different zines, illustrations, styles and ways of doing things. Postcards, buttons, illustrations, comics… Everything you could have thought of.

The workshops were all free and they went from “how to make a book” to “how to sew a niddel pocket”. Meanwhile on the same room you could enjoy small concerts creating a intimate magical moment.

If there is something sad about the event is that it just takes place once a year. We might need to wait a while to have another fantastic chance to see all the creative independents Zines from London.