As many things in life, finding a good product is a numbers game. Research is important! You need to feel confident with the argot and become an expert. After that, go online and let the search start. You can find some links to websites at the end of this blog.

Don’t waste your time!

I have seen vans that were over my budget, it helps you understand what you get for some extra cash. And same, seeing what is not super fit in the market will help you appreciate when something is right. But – do not waist peoples time for the sake of it. Looking for a van is hard work – but to sell a van ain’t easy either.

Looking for a list with the right questions to come across as a pro? I got you!

  • Year of the van ( the older the slower – little detail for when you driving up and down the coasts of Scotland ;) )
  • Kilometers
  • MOT / ITV up to date
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • recent repairs
  • Seatbelts

You will need a profesional car mechanic you can trust! What is he/she after?

  • Rusty? Vans that are from central -north Europe tend to have rust, which could lead to issues
  • Engines
  • Suspension
  • rear

Remember to put some thoughts into which van you like before meeting up with the sellers! You can read more about my thought process while choosing a van here.

Each country has local pages to find second hand cars, here are some that could be helpful: