“Go For Goal”…designing the set

L1120497We are already in july and the school year is finishing. Therefore many schools have activities to celebrate the final weeks with the students and their families: all kind of shows, plays and creative expressions take place now in schools. #ClangDesign has been part of a very special one: Michael Faraday Primary School’s Play.


The building itself is worth a visit! What a beautiful shape! The colours and shapes mixed with the amazing handcrafts the kids have been doing the year through: each class-room looks brighter, funnier and more alive than the other. Robots, trees, portraits, flags…. a delightful overload of colours.


This year Michael Faraday Primary School has been working on the “Go For Goal” Junior Script by Gawen Robinson. The script talks about the World Cup and generates a one-hour play, which pushes the audience back- and forward in time. The play starts with energetic drums and Brazilian instruments to welcome the audience: “We are in Rio now”. And for next one hour the rhythm and music makes you feel like in a “sambadrome” if it wasn’t for the perfect british accent that makes you realise you are sitting in a school in Elephant and Castle. Some flashbacks bring history and anecdotes to the action, which also gives value to family and the relationship between grandfathers and grandsons, as well as between brothers, sisters and people no matter where they come from. England and Brazil come together through the two main characters: a Brazilian boy and an English girl. Both want to play for their teams in the future, always under the slogan “follow your dreams” they dance, sing and laugh for us. The Maracaná stadium in Rio de Janeiro is  the main scenario where all those diverse characters come together to teach the most powerful and essential lesson we can learn: if we work together as a team, we can achieve new aims more easily. Putting together our skills we can change our world into a better place.



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Building a City


This project is absolutely incredible. It’s about London, its architecture and how kids see the buildings around them. It ‘s actually a workshop that makes kids become interested in art and architecture, in building and imagining. The Hotel Elephant Gallery in Elephant and Castle hosted this impressive workshop with the artist Reuben Powell. The input and passion coming from both, the gallery and the artist was inspiring.


We have been helping for 2 weeks, delivering with other young artists the workshops and helping schools from the area to build a city out of cardboard. The process was very inspiring, working for various sessions with the same kids and having time to teach them and learn from them. Creating and making those 1 meter tall construction from scratch was sometimes a challenge, but we had fun. And that is what this activity was about: enjoying and creating using our skills and transferring them to Art.


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