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1.2.3. ACCIo/N is a workshop for young scholars: laughing and playing we will learn Spanish and theatre. This is a wonderful after-class activity in which all kids can join the course with no restrictions. We will learn Spanish, as the teacher is Spanish, and funny acting techniques, as the tutor is a professional actress too. It is an amazing chance to improve the relationship from the kids inside the classroom playing and learning together.





It is a pleasure for ClangDesign to collaborate with Olga Navarro. She is an independent Spanish artist, professional actress with a Degree in Spanish Language and Literature. Olga is an amazing woman, mother of one, relocated in London. She has been working with the Instituto Cervantes since arriving to UK and has been teaching Spanish, French and drama for over 17 years in Spain.

@ClangDesign_ is a group of people that came together to give response to all kind of issues with creativity. In ClangDesign we believe creative minds can improve  society, so we adapt to each client and their needs: logos, photography, marketing campaigns, video-blogs or workshops.

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