I made it to Keith, COVID is making it a little bit harder to get a whisky tasting booked. But finally, we got a spot to explore Chivas Brothers at Strathisla Distillery. As a newbie to Whiskies they recommended to join the basic tasting experience. I got into the Distillery and we received a kit consisting of 4 single malts and 1 blended grain. Those 5 little bottles would be the ingredients of our blend. On top of that they added a little Chivas Regal 12 too – just to show you what a good blend tastes like!

The tasting kicked of after a little animation with some history facts!

Looking back at my tasting notes… Chivas Regal 12: spice, chili, honey | Floral: sweeter, apple, bubble, popcorn. Delicate and sweet | Citrus: lemony. Fresh and soft | Fruity: pear, chocolate, raisins . Soft and full bodied | Creamy: dark chocolate, oily texture. Luxurious and velvety | Smoky: bitter, apple, old cloths. Peaty and intense.

We learned how to create our won blend, drop by drop, as they say, nosing and tasting as we go. When we mix whiskies we need to experiment individually to test how they blend with each other.

  • All blends have a kick of Smoky, it helps bring all the different flavors together
  • Floral (blended grain) and fruity ( single malt) blends fit better with lemon and bitter-sweet dessert
  • Chocolate and nuts are more suitable with Creamy ( single malt) and Smoky ( single malt)

To book your Chivas experience in Keith go here: https://www.chivas.com/en-GB/visit-strathisla

#MyChivasBlend: 1 1/2 x floral , 1 1/2 x citrus, 1/2 smoky, 18th June 2021