Tatiana Robles, Barranquilla Colombia, CEO from Laetitia. I met this truly kick-ass women in 2004 when we where young women 19 years, ready to go into the fashion industry in one of the most exciting cities in the world Madrid. I have always been mesmerized by her lovely and soft Colombian accent, so charming but determined at the same time. She is one of the few that did finish college and get her own brand in place, a decade later she has 3 stores and a real lifestyle brand. One of the big challenges the fashion industry face today is the environment. Most average consumes know the amount of water that goes into fabric making, the impact of the chemicals and the low-paid workers. Fast-fashion is not sustainable and in fact it has shown to be harmful for humans and those communities that work in the industry. But Laetitia is different, Tatiana is also different, she embraces the need to learn and to evolve and she is not only relaunching her e-commerce experience now, but moving her brand toward a truly, genuine and inspiring lifestyle. To be from the Laetitia clang you need to love nature, be a strong woman, love yourself and enjoy exploring fashion as an experience. As Tatiana is saying “we want to consume experiences and have memories”, this is very true. She has full control over the production chain which gives her clients the ease that what they are wearing is made with love and that while they look stunning and beautiful in their dresses, Tatiana Robles is caring about the people and the production behind the brand. Check out the interview and find out how Tatiana went from sketching her brand idea in Madrid as a 21-year-old student to making her dream come true!