It is fair to say that Matt did introduce me to The Tunnel collective, through this group of people I met some really important and extraordinary individuals that I consider family today. As mentioned in the Pink Sofa Conversation with Matt, I remember getting into Bow Arts Studios in Shadwell and seeing his room being an absolute mess. A good mess. But a mess. Bottles of wine, canvases all over, brushes and paint. A lot of paint. Matthew Tudor tends to sit in a corner on an old chair and before taking the brush he enters into the zone – full concentration – in which he seems to connect with his subconsciousness. Mindfulness? Could be! “If I wasn’t an artist, I would be a delinquent” he says. Not sure I agree with that, as I do not think he has the bad in him, but I see him as one of the few bohemian artist in this current time, now it seems its always about the process and the idea, not for him. He is a painter and a proud one. He looks up to Caravaggio, who wouldn’t, Francis Bacon, who wouldn’t, but his intense and in-depth research takes him in a journey. 10 layers of paint that tell a story, a very methodical process that he has develops in the past decade, a process that allows him not to think but to do. Be in the moment, embrace art as his purpose in life and why not, give the rest of artist the hope that there are still real romantic artists out there defending the title with pride.