I met Sara Pathirane in the streets of Torino, Italy, now closed and in panic for the #Covid19. Back then we were going to university – 8 years ago- we both were in the same painting class. Since then, we have travelled to Sri Lanka, Jordan and visited each other multiple times, she is a real friend to me. Sara thinks of art as a process, a script in which she adds layers of narration. Suddenly the bridge between her paintings and her videos is clear. It all makes sense.

She was the first Scandinavian person I have ever met, and I remember being absolutely impressed by her silences… silence. So powerful, such a small petite lady being so powerful standing there looking you straight in the eyes – not saying a word. I still find this the greatest superpowers she has.

Nature, space, motherhood, identity, immigration – big topics, current topics, explored in a very biographical way by Sara with a Sri Lankan heritage, young mother and snow lover.

http://www.sarapathirane.com/ Instagram @sarapathirane